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Vintage Jewerly and Earings

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My jewelry is crafted using vintage beads, contemporary hand-crafted lampwork  beads,  my very own polymer clay beads, porcelain, ceramic , semi-precious, sterling silver, and much, much more.    
ALWAYS REMEMBER:  Special orders are invited.
Gentlemen, don't feel left out.  This is a web site for you to find beautiful gifts for your wives or girlfriends.  Besides, don't think we don't know you're out golfing when you really should be at the office.

Please visit the Haylen Brier Collection of adorable greeting cards that hold a pair of Bali sterling silver and Swarovski crystal birthstone earrings.  You get the card, the earrings and a beautiful giftbox all for $19.95 plus tax.  Custom designs are always welcome.

It's all about the packaging!!!  Giving a gift card?  Let us take care of the packaging for you.    Check out the Haylen Brier Collection to view the gift card holder greeting cards and gorgeous box.  You will never want to give a gift card without one again.  Boxes can also be custom made...all for $12.95 plus tax.

Browse the Bridal Showcase section for some jewelry ideas for your special day, as well as the customized bridal party cards that make great gifts for your bridesmaids.  You get your gorgeous face on a card that holds a beautiful pair of Bali sterling silver earrings with a Swarovski crsytal birthstone, as well as a gorgeous silver or gold decorated pillow box all for $29.95 per card plus tax .  Now that's a great price and a special keepsake for the ladies!!!!!!

Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend
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